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Serve by Feeding Cows
May 10th 2024
What could you do?

Adopt a cow for a day/ month/ year / lifetime – see Details below

Cow – The Worshipable Mother

In the Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. According to the scriptures, there are seven mothers: atma-mata (one’s own mother) guroh patni (the wife of one’s teacher) brahmani (the wife of a brahmana) raja-patnika (the wife of the king) dhenu (the cow) dhatri (the nurse) and prithvi (the Earth) are all considered mothers. Just as a child feeds on the breast milk of the mother, human society takes milk from the cow. The bull is also considered the father of human society because just as the father earns to feed the children, the bull tills the earth to produce food grains. So, to kill cows means to end the human civilization.

In Vedic society, the economy was based on agriculture and cow protection. Sri Krishna mentions this in the Bhagavad-gita:
krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam vaisya-karma svabhava-jam (Bg 18.44) Five thousand years ago, when Krishna was personally present on this planet, there was enough milk, butter and curd. When there were festivals, the cowherd men would throw yogurt, milk, clarified butter and water upon the bodies of one another. Everyone had sufficient stock of milk and other milk-products. Sri Krishna is glorified as the protector of the cows and brahminical culture (go-brahmana-hitaya ca). The Brahma Samhita describes Lord Krishna to be tending the surabhi cows in His spiritual abode of Goloka Vrindavana, which is surrounded by millions of desire-fulfilling trees. In the Vedas it is mentioned that all the demigods reside in the body of a cow. So Hindus worship the cow.

The follower of vedic principles worships cows on religious principles and respects brahmanas [topmost class, the “heads” of society responsible for maintaining religious principles]. The cow’s milk is required for the sacrificial fire, and by performing sacrifices the householder can be happy. The cow’s calf not only is beautiful to look at, but also gives satisfaction to the cow, and so she delivers as much milk as possible.

Upcoming Goshala Project

The cows are an integral part of the temples and their upkeep is one of the prime activities. In India, most of the Vaishnava temples have their own Goshala. The unadulterated milk supplied by these cows is used for the worship of the Lord.

“Just see Krsna’s picture, how He’s loving the cow. You see? He is instructing by His practical life how He is compassionate with the cows. He played as a cowherd boy. Why? Because if in human society these two things are neglected, cows and the brahmana, that is animal society. Animal society. That is not human society. That is the idea.”
– A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, London (Tittenhurst), September 13, 1969

Krishna and Balaram loved cows and therefore took birth in the house of Nanda Maharaj, who was a Vaishya King and had huge grasslands and around 900,000 cows, which later were personally taken care of by Krishna and Balaram. Krishna is known as the protector and wellwisher of Cows “Namo Brahmana Devaya Go Brahmana Hitaya Ca”. Cows please Krishna and Krishna is so fond of Cows that he has named his personal spiritual abode as “Goloka” which means ‘The Land of Cows’.

We wish to serve the cows too so that they in turn continue to serve and please Sri Krishna and Balaram. For the pleasure of Sri Krishna Balaram we are opening a Goshala at our New Temple which will give you immense opportunity to serve the cows in various ways. Select an option below and chose your favorite way to serve the cows.

Benefits Of Go-Daan Seva – Giving Cow in Charity

One who gives Cow in charity:

  • Secures heaven
  • Makes one beautiful
  • Produces progeny
  • Destroys sins
  • Extends the family tree
  • Produces wealth
  • Secures righteousness
  • Gives Salvation

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